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Ameriplan - Why is it worth a look?


Selling Oregon dental insurance taught me that there really is absolutely nothing in Oregon that will give you affordable comprehensive dental insurance like that which is provided for you by an employer. The prices are simply outrageous, and the benefits are far too limited. With a $1500 annual cap on benefits, how can you justify paying those monthly premiums?


Ameriplan is different. You can actually look at the provider list before you join, and find several dentists or chiropractors near you.  Then look at the fee schedule of what you'll actually pay.

No other dental plan works like that, and that's why I have it to this day. for $20 a month for my whole family, I get discounted checkups, fillings, whatever else might be needed, with no annual benefit cap.


When you get individual dental insurance for yourself or family, there is typically a waiting period of

6 months to a year before you can actually use any of the benefits. Major dental procedures can require as much as a two year waiting period under many plans. This prevents you from getting insurance, getting your bridgework done, and then cancelling before the insurance company breaks even.


One reason for this is because all health insurance is simply a month to month agreement. That doesn't happen with medical, auto, and other types of insurance that are mandatory, which is why you can get immediate benefits.


This high turnover rate has led to the insurance companies lowering their benefits and raising their prices. For me, spending $90 a month (or even more) on family dental insurance just became a pointless exercise in frustration, and it was actually cheaper to just pay cash when needed.


Recently, there have emerged companies that promise discount rates for using preferred providers in their "network".  Their drawback has usually been a lack of qualified providers near you, or ridiculously low savings making your membership not worth the effort.


Ameriplan is different. You can take a look at the provider list before you join, and you can probably find several dentists or chiropractors near you.  Take a look at the fee schedule of what you'll actually pay when you visit those providers.


You'll know exactly what your savings are and what your charges will be for any given procedure before you sign up. They even offer vision and prescription medication discounts too, and as of 2005, they even offer Doctor visits. That can be particularly useful if you're on a high deductible health insurance plan, that may not cover routine doctors office visits.


Keep in mind, Ameriplan is not insurance.  It is however, a more affordable option that in most cases offers better benefits than other dental programs offered in Oregon.  Find out everything you need to know, and even sign up right here for instant access to savings dental, vision, chiropractic and prescription needs for your whole family or small office.


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